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Our commitment will remain finding the most sustainable options in supporting communities that need it the most, gathering stories, sharing lessons, and building towards tomorrow.

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LLE Village

LLE VILLAGE is our online space for shared stories based on people‚Äôs lived experiences.  Join the community, share your story, and help shape tomorrow. 

Student program

STUDENT PROGRAM is our support to high school students looking for volunteer hours to graduate from high school or seeking mentorship on what to do once they graduate. Connect with us to receive guidance, or pair you with an LLE mentor to help navigate your next steps.


The LLE community was built to help the next generation navigate challenges and our mentors sign-on to do just that.  Leveraging their own experiences, to illustrate lessons that can help students make informed decisions.  Sign-up to become a mentor today.


Our bursary is the first of its kind at the College and we are excited to see it grow and help others. We want to make sure that our collected efforts will help students within the Black community find the support they need when advancing with post-secondary education.