About Us

An online community, working to shape tomorrow

Live. Learn. Educate. was created to drive a movement through our lived experiences which encourages learning opportunities and when practiced regularly provides sustainable individual growth.

A for-purpose organization with a mission to collect our lived experience, develop lessons, and educate future generations.

Naturally, all of us are here today because:

We LIVE through experience.
We LEARN from experience.
We EDUCATE with experience.

Live. We have no choice but to push through hardships and daily microaggressions in order to just live in this day and age. We don’t ever have the time or space to stop and talk about those things.

Learn.  Lived experiences often serve as tools to learn and improve later on in life. The better learners we become, the more we can pave the ways for other members of the community.

Educate. Whether you’ve been through it yourself or just know someone who has, we hope we can all come together and properly educate ourselves.

We live. We learn. We educate. This platform was built to encourage people to understand what they lived through and learn from it, so they can in turn create a life where they are educating others.